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I wanted to share an update from on the road, from a recent experience in Yap, Micronesia.. where the photo below of Barb and I in the snow came in handy!

Stacey and I had the rare opportunity to meeting up with a village chief in the island of Yap. I've attached the chiefs photo below... When I first met him, I knew he liked Canada (a past traveller had given him a book on Canada he's read cover to cover), salmon, and snow. And of course the canoe is a rich part of their heritage, capable of fast speeds and rigged with a sail. So it only seemed fitting to share with him a photo on my phone of Barb and I on an OC-2 in the snow from January. He loved it! If you are interested, I encourage you to read more on this encounter with the chief (involving my first try of the local and potent betel nut!)... We've started out first public record of our travels... On the blog link here... Click into the "My Big Nut" article...

I've also got on the water in Palau. Did a 15km paddle in the rock islands with a local team. An amazing experience! Tomorrow... Getting out at 4:45 here for a sunrise paddle with the locks Guam club. May post more on this on our blog.

Randy (currently in Guam)