Safety reminder
  • barballey April 2015
    Hi all,
    This past Monday an OC 2 was discovered with a damaged rudder.

    I want to remind everyone that damage to small boats is a safety concern.

    Use of equipment is encouraged and with use it is understood that damage or wear may occur.

    Please make sure that any damage is recorded by writing a note on the white board and leaving a note on the boat itself.

    We want to ensure that everyone is safe and aware of any equipment that needs repair and cannot be used safely.

    Best insurance is to report all damage to the maintenance director or other board member. The faster our maintenance team is aware of a need for repair the faster the equipment can be back in service.

    Check your equipment before going out and report any damage or wear.

    Thank you and "Be safe on the water".

  • Vukasovic November 2016

    It is important to remind everyone that wearing PFDs is now mandatory. As stated in the winter paddling guidelines on our website, PFDs must be worn properly at all times by paddlers in any type of boat. It is also important to mention that everyone must wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Everyone should wear the necessary clothing and gear to minimize the effects of a huli. All paddlers should also have a change of clothes for after practice to stay warm.

    It would be beneficial for all paddlers to review the winter paddling safety guidelines that are located on the website.


    Joe (New Safety Director) :)

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