Foti Brothers Paddling Camps 2016
  • GraceGrace December 2015
    Foti Camp's Coaches have won more Molokai races and experienced more paddling events around the globe than most will only dream of.

    Join the camp that fits your ability:
    Camps start in January
    • Basic camps for novice paddlers
    • Basic / Intermediate camps for developing paddlers
    • Intermediate / Advanced camps for developed paddlers
    • Advanced camp for the paddlers who wants to go extreme
    Check the website for all the information to choose the right camp and to register. Call or email us with any questions.

    Jim Foti
  • GraceGrace December 2015
    Our Basic Canoe Camps are for paddlers ranking from level 2 - 4 on our performance ranking chart:

    There's still a few slots open for the first Basic camp January 11 - 15. The 2nd Basic camp (Jan. 25-29) is sold out. But there are also slots still open for the Feb. 15th and March 28th basic camps. Space is limited so don't wait to secure your spot.

    Some of the content in the Basic Camps are History, OC-1 canoe handling and care, safety, technique, balance and stability, OC-6 steering and team integration, wave surfing, training and more. We immerse you into our world of paddling and leave you understanding a philosophy that took us to 5 Molokai Hoe Championships and a host of other accomplishments.

    "Be safe, have fun, paddle different canoes and learn something new every day".
    Sign up today at:

    Jim Foti
    Camp Director and Head Coach

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