Poker Paddle 2016
  • CroatianExpress September 2016
    Aloha Lotus!

    Just reminding you all that this Saturday we'll be hosting our awesome Poker Paddle race. All the heats are filled and the youth group is just getting some last minute things ready.

    A volunteer sheet with a bunch of different jobs has been posted in the clubhouse. Currently we're looking for people to help out with timing and beach marshalling. If you're free this weekend and would like to come help out, we'd love to see you out there!

    Typically, volunteers show up to prep the clubhouse at around 7:00am. But since the first heat of the day is at 9:00am, timers and marshals can arrive later.

    We hope to see a lot of Lotus faces out on Saturday! If you have any questions about the race, just send a reply here and I can answer.

  • Vukasovic September 2016
    I haven't signed up but can help with timing, beach marshalling, or anything that needs to be done. May not be able to lift boats all day due to an injury but will be there-thanks
  • CroatianExpress September 2016
    Aloha Lotus,

    Just wanted to thank all of the volunteers who showed up to support the Poker Paddle yesterday. This is the main fundraiser for the Youth Program, so seeing so many of you out there meant a lot to us. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of a paddling club that lives the Hawaiian sentiments of 'Ohana' and togetherness.

    See you on the water!


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