2016 Lotus Annual General Meeting
  • GraceGrace October 2016
    Date: Saturday, October 29, 2016
    Location: Lotus Sports Club, Barnet Marine Park
    Time: 11:00am

    All Lotus members are encouraged to attend this very important meeting. This is your chance to give feedback on this year’s paddling programs and to thank those who contributed so much time to the club. At this meeting you will also elect your 2016/2017 Board of Directors who will be making plans for paddling programs for next year. Current President, Ed Purcell, will be posting an agenda for this meeting in the near future.

    We are looking for people who are interested in being part of the Board of Directors. The directors are volunteers who represent the paddlers of the Lotus Sports Club and who make decisions to the benefit of the club and all of its members. It is a great way to be involved in your club and community.

    The following two positions are filled automatically;

    President (Tony Vukasovic)
    Past-President (Ed Purcell)

    The following is a list of current directorships and a description of their responsibilities:

    Vice-President - carries out the duties of the President in his/her absence. The vice-president will assume the position of president in the following year – this person will be able to work with the executive, will become familiar with ongoing projects and directives, and can learn the role of the President in order to move into this position.

    Treasurer – keeps the financial records of the club, including accounts and banking transactions. The treasurer provides financial statements as required.

    Membership – collects membership forms and money, sends registration to CORA, provides the Board of Directors and coaches with regularly updated membership information,

    Secretary - keeps and distributes minutes of directors’ meetings, deals with club correspondence.

    Outrigger – oversees outrigger programs and club outrigger races; is the liaison with other clubs and handles any inquiries regarding the club's outrigger programs.

    SUP - oversees outrigger programs and organizes instructors for orientation sessions; handles any inquiries regarding the club's outrigger programs.

    Youth – oversees the youth dragon boat and outrigger programs, promotions, and events.

    Maintenance – has the responsibility for organizing and arranging for maintenance of the clubhouse and club equipment.

    Safety - oversees that safety procedures are implemented during practices and races.

    Members at Large (2) – help the Board of Directors in a variety of capacities. These two directors share a position on the Board.
  • GraceGrace October 2016
    Attached please find the agenda for the 2016 Lotus Sports Club Annual General Meeting.
    Agenda Lotus AGM - Oct 29 2016.pdf 59K

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