2016-2017 Lotus Sports Club Board of Directors
  • GraceGrace October 2016
    Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Lotus Board of Directors! The Lotus Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who represent the paddlers of the club. The Board meets every month - please forward any agenda items to President, Tony Vukasovic.

    President - Tony Vukasovic
    Past-President - Ed Purcell
    Vice-President - Daniel Chan
    Treasurer – Hazel Purcell
    Secretary – Grace Morissette
    Membership – Ken Asano
    Outrigger Program – Barb Alley
    Youth Program – Kat Nguyen
    SUP Program - Val Chan
    Maintenance – Greg Bodin
    Safety – Joe Vukasovic
    Member at Large – Doug Mancell

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