Pest Problem
  • Vukasovic November 2016

    It is no secret that we have a bit of a rat and mice issue at our clubhouse. Although it is common for a facility of this age to experience this problem, there are certain things we can do to stay safe.

    It is important that we make sure we dispose of food and wrappers in garbage cans outside of the change rooms. This is to prevent rodents from finding their way into the change rooms. Further to this, it is necessary that sports bags are closed while they are left in the change rooms. This is to prevent rodents from climbing into our bags to look for food. It is also important that we clean up after any spills of drinks, and food.

    Lastly, in the event that you spot rodent droppings and decide to clean it up, do not sweep the droppings. This may cause the bacteria in the droppings to become airborne. It is recommended that the droppings are sprayed with an ammonia containing product such as Windex (which we have at the club house) or water, and is then wiped with a tissue.



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