Winter Paddling: Ice and snow at clubhouse
  • Vukasovic January 1

    Currently the weather has been quite cold, and the forecast is calling for more snow.  After going to the clubhouse the other day to take a look at the snow and ice build up in the compound, it seems that it poses some dangerous conditions.  The cemented area in our compound has been almost fully iced over, and the gate to the compound will not open due to the snow and ice surrounding it.  Further to this, the stairs leading to the small boats beach are iced over and could easily lead to someone falling and hurting themselves.

    It is important that we all take this into consideration, and it is highly recommended that members do not use club equipment on their own during these conditions.  It is very risky as someone could easily fall while carrying a boat, potentially damaging the boat, but, more importantly, hurt themselves. It is also important to note that another Arctic front is expected for next week with temperatures falling as low as -9 degrees; this is a danger to anyone involved in water sports.  At these temperatures, there will be a layer of ice on the surface of the inlet and this ice will cut and damage gel coat. The road to the club house is quite slushy and icy, and it is recommended that people wear appropriate footwear and watch for ice on the sidewalk and road. Walking down to the club house the other day was a challenge as there was a lot of black ice, and without proper footwear one could easily slip and hurt themselves.

    On top of this, the path along the water’s edge has not been cleared and is very slippery. It is very hard to find a solution to this problem as we cannot control the weather, but we will be looking into trying to clear some of the ice in the compound. The Lotus Ice Breaker is on January 14 and the conditions at the clubhouse will be discussed at the upcoming executive meeting; please check the meeting minutes for updates on recommendations to ensure racers’ safety. The minutes can be found on the forum.

    The main objective is to keep everyone safe!


    Lotus Safety Director

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