2018 Kauai Na Pali Challenge Race & Small Boats Clinic
  • GraceGrace April 2017
    2018 Kauai Race & Small Boats Clinic

    The youth group is planning to do the Na Pali Challenge Race next year which takes place on Saturday, August 11, 2018. This is a 59 kilometre change race, which takes about 6 hour,s from Hanalei Bay to outside Kikialoa Small Boat Harbor (see map at bottom of page). Each team consists of 6 women and 6 men, alternating with water changes every 30 minutes. The race takes place along some of the most breathtaking coastline in the world.

    A small boats clinic with Kai Bartlett is also being organized for the week following the race (Monday, August 13 to Friday, August 17). Kai is one of the best surfing paddlers in the world and has access to top quality canoes; he is also extremely familiar with Kauai waters, and has a lot of additional valuable topics to cover such as his training regime. Lotus paddlers are invited to come to Kauai to take part in this clinic to improve technical skills and surf waves!


    Here is a rough idea of what the clinic will involve;
    - first day will be paddling in protected waters to assess each paddler’s ability, with emphasis on technique, videotaping, and perhaps some wave catching in the bay if everyone is comfortable on day one. The group will then be divided according to skill assessment with the following options for the rest of the week, depending on skill level;

    a) remain in protected waters and learn to surf in some of the bays in Kauai

    b) head for open water and do some down winders

    c) combination of both a) and b)

    There will be discussion on equipment safety, safe entry and exit to and from the ocean, wave formation, and wave catching.

    In order for Kai to have some idea of the group size and number of boats that will be needed, please let Grace know (gmorisee@shaw.ca) by May 31 if you think that you will be participating; commitment by payment will be in January 2018.

    Costs will vary for each individual...so this is just a very rough estimate of what to expect;

    Airfare – approximately $900 Cdn to $1000 Cdn

    Accommodations – this would make the biggest difference in the cost because there are a range of accommodations with some very nice places throughout Kauai. Modest rentals are approximately $100 to $150 US per night per person.

    Clinic - $875 US per person with minimum of 8 paddlers for a 5 day OC1 session (a possible discount for a larger group).

    Race fees for those who plan to organize a crew for the Napali Challenge (all figures approximate) -
    - Entry fee - $500 US
    - Canoe rental – $300 US+ depending on the type of boat
    - Escort boat - $800 US+


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