Increasing Burnaby Member's Suggestions!
  • Vukasovic October 2018
    Hi Everyone,

    As mentioned at the AGM, there would be discussion made for those wanting to share ideas on how to increase Burnaby membership. All ideas and input will be considered by the board and discussed thoroughly! If you have any ideas, please comment!

  • erika November 2018
    I can look into recruiting Moscrop and Burnaby Central High School students for the Lotus youth program? Apparently Moscrop already has a dragonboat team. I’ve contacted the Moscrop coach for more information about that. Maybe we could offer outrigger? Erika
  • Vukasovic November 2018
    Awesome, thanks Erica. This is something we should discuss further. I'll make sure to mention it to the board! I'm also going to look to see if there's a demand by SFU students for OC....I know there's a dragon boat team, but I think OC would be a cool choice to have!

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