2019 - 2020 Lotus Board of Directors
  • GraceGrace October 2019
    Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Lotus Board of Directors! The Lotus Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who represent the paddlers of the club.

    Joe Vukasovic - Past-President
    Tony Hodanic - President
    Tony Vukasovic - Vice-Presient
    Marcus Milde - Treasurer
    Grace Morissette - Secretary
    Ken Asano - Membership Director
    Steve Pither - Maintenance Director
    Tara Loo - Outrigger Program Director
    Barb Alley - Youth Program Director
    Bernard Sison - SUP Program Director
    Doug Mancell - Safety Director
    Daniel Chan - Member at Large
    Bruce Robinson - Member at Large

    The Board meets every month - if you have any items you would like to put on the agenda, please pass on to any member of the board.

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