Dolphins & Deadheads Hazards

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Aloha Paddlers,

As some of you may have noticed, it is no longer safe to paddle around the dolphins (wooden water pylons) particularly at the small boat beach area. Many of the wooden posts have become loose and unstable, some may even fall at any moment. There are also deadheads surrounding these dolphins that are pieces of wood in the water, often just below the surface. During low tide, some can be seen sticking out to the surface. However, when the tide begins to rise, the deadheads will be submerged in water and difficult to see. A paddler can accidentally hit one of these deadheads, damage the watercraft, and potentially sustain injuries. This is a huge hazard for paddlers and any watercraft users around the area. As a result, Lotus paddlers are no longer allowed to get close to the dolphins as this is an area where deadheads tend to congregate.

Lotus paddlers are to enter and exit only on the left side of the small boat beach area when facing the water. The left side has two wide openings where paddlers can go through safely and with enough room to avoid hazards. The right side is no longer considered safe and must be avoided.

Here is a photo to illustrate the two safe paths to go through. Green arrows indicate it is safe, and red cross means do not enter.


Remember to slow down and pay attention when approaching the dolphins and do not get too close. Paddlers are to use extreme caution at all times to prevent injuries.


Bernard Sison
Safety Director
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