Barnet Marine Park East Parking Lot Reconstruction begins October, 2019

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The parking lots and beach access road on the east side of Barnet Marine Park will be completely closed for construction from approximately October 2019 to early May 2020 (Lotus is located on the west side of the park). All vehicular and pedestrian access will be restricted from this construction zone during this period

Upon completion of the east parking lots there will be a new vehicular turn around, drop off area, handicapped parking and reconfigured parking lot south of the railway. General public vehicular access will no longer be available north of the railway. Pedestrian access will remain north of the railway from both existing roadways and the pedestrian overpass.


1. Will Barnet beach still be open to the public during construction?
• Yes, during construction the beach will remain open.
• There will also be no impacts to the beach, picnic sites, park walkways or dog off-leash area.

2. Will there be any impacts to public washrooms?
• The washrooms will remain open during construction.

3. Will parking still be available during construction?
• The west parking lot will be open during this time.
• There is also limited parking across Barnet Highway in the Mountain Air Bike Skill Park.

4. Will I be able to access the beach during construction?
• Pedestrians can continue to access the beach during construction.
• There is a pedestrian overpass located on the northeast side of the west parking lot.
• From the west side of the west parking lot, there is pedestrian access to the beach via Texaco Drive.

5. Why is this work required?
• Barnet Marine Park is a destination park. The popularity of the park has resulted in parking and overcrowding concerns.
• For the future safety and enjoyment of the park, re-construction of the east parking lot area is needed.

6. What are the benefits of this project?
• Once construction is complete, parking and drop off areas will be accessible and safe while allowing for improved traffic flow.
• The addition and reconfiguration of parking spots and handicapped parking will significantly reduce the chances of overcrowding during popular times.
• In addition, this project includes environmental improvements to minimize pollution by capturing and filtering any pollutants from water runoff or other potential contaminants.

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