2020 Lotus Icebreaker

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Happy New Year Lotus paddlers!!

There are just two weeks left until the Icebreaker, one of our biggest events of the year, and we need your help. A list of volunteer duties has been posted at the clubhouse. Please take a look and sign-up for a task. Even if you don't sign up, please show up on race day ti help out as there is always a job to be done. Volunteers are also needed in the evening of Thursday, January 16 to help load canoes at Burrard Civic Marina, the evening of Friday, January 17 to rig the canoes at Barnet, and Sunday morning on January 18 to unload and re-rig canoes at Burrard Civic. Please try to make some time to help out on at least one or two of these days. I look forward to seeing you all!

Tony Hodanic


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    Thanks Mr. President.
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    Hello everyone!

    Today, the Lotus board of directors decided to cancel the Icebreaker race set for this weekend. Safety is our top priority and some of the biggest issues included travel for out of town teams in poor conditions, and our second safety boat being unable to get to the race site. We are working on rescheduling the race for late January or February, so please keep up to date on the situation as we will need as much help as possible to pull this off. Thank you.
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